Cameron’s Rash Comments

July 14, 2010

Our UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has begun putting his foot in it while opening his mouth and commenting of the death of Raoul Moat.
David Cameron has criticised the gunman who took his own life and said that there should be no sympathy for “callous murderer”.
I am sure time will show the fact that Raoul Moat was also mentally ill, and a lack of care in the system, and with friends and family not understanding his issues, resulted in this devastating tragedy
Speaking during Prime Minister’s Question Time, David Cameron said: “I cannot understand any wave, however small, of public sympathy for this man. There should be sympathy for his victims and the havoc he wreaked in that community. There should be no sympathy for him.”
Yes I totally agree with sympathy for his victims and their families. Yet I also do not think that they are the only victims here as Raoul Moat as a victim of society was also one, as is his own family.
It is a rash comment, though heartfelt, by David Cameron and one which will come back through his government and future career and haunt him.
For someone who runs the country to not understand the tragedy of mental illness, to both the incumbent and the community, is a sad day indeed.
Might I feel different if I was a victim of the violence in this instance – yes, I might. But, thankfully, on this occasion, I wasn’t.

A Pizza the action

July 12, 2010

Domino’s Pizza has announced a profits rise of nearly 30% – pre-tax profits were £17.5m for the six months to 27 June, a rise of 28.6%. Like-for-like sales were up 13.7%.
Now I have never had a Domino’s Pizza, fast food and take-aways are not something I crave, mainly as I can whip up a meal from little in the time it would take me to decide what to order, let alone wait for delivery!
Certainly their sponsorship of ‘events’ such as Britain’s Got Talent would have helped, as would the fact they seem to be some of the priciest pizzas on the high-street.
Nevertheless maybe they should look to drive healthier, less salty and fatty pizzas – give themselves a Jamie Oliver style make-over. But maybe it would end up as fake as he is!

Poor Pontif

July 11, 2010

It has been announced that The Vatican has, for a third consecutive year, left itself in the red – similar to the Pope’s favourite garb.
The Vatican had a deficit of 4.1m euros (£3.4m) in 2009. It is said that this loss was due to the activities of Pope Benedict XVI, and services such as Vatican Radio which is broadcast in 40 different languages.
Apparently this significant loss was in contrast to a rise of 9% in Peter’s Pence, which is the name given to its churches worldwide donations.
Pope John Paul II decided, alongside his respected advisors, that The Vatican should publish annual financial reports in 1981 – the reason was to challenge perceptions that The Vatican was rich.
As much of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are based on folklore and earlier non-Christian beliefs and religions, as are many of the primary religions, it seems that challenging perceptions of wealth should be the last concerns on any Pope’s mind.
I would suggest to The Vatican that challenging the common beliefs of many non-believers that Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church is practised and has a purpose primarily as a crutch for the poor and vulnerable would be better time spent!

Raoul Moat’s sad demise

July 10, 2010

This morning brought the sad, but expected news, of Raoul Moat’s death.
Reports state that his death was by his own hand, and I am sure this will be proven or not as history takes its enduring course.
Yes, in all likelihood, Raoul Moat was a murderer.
Yes, again in all likelihood he had attempted the murders of two others, including his ex-girlfriend.
Yes, he was a hunted man because of his own actions.
However it seems to me that Raoul Moat must have been mentally ill and unstable – it makes no sense otherwise.
Clearly the police were in a no win situation – whatever happened badges will be resigned. I am truly sorry that pain has been caused by Raoul Moat, I am also sorry that his life is also no more.

A Bleakley and Chiles Front

July 9, 2010

ITV has announced that it’s new breakfast show, to be hosted by the talentless duo of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, will be called Daybreak.
It will replace GMTV which has been broadcasting since dinosaurs roamed the earth.
I am particularly heartened by this news as it confirms that I am never likely to ever have to see the pair ‘working’ again, as I never watch weekday breakfast TV and rarely weekend morning TV.
GMTV and ITV daytime director Alison Sharman said Daybreak is to be ITV’s “bid to reclaim the top breakfast show spot”.
Lorraine Kelly who has herself, as a dinosaur, been hosting ITV’s breakfast offering in one form or another since sabre-toothed beasts roamed the earth continues with her own magazine show, which I hope will be renamed Lorraine’s Lowest Common Denominator, though the word common may just be too highbrow!

Woss loss is weally wejoiceful

July 7, 2010

Jonathan Ross has announced a new chat show on ITV, and as I watch little ITV other than Britain’s Got Talent, on which Wossie would not even get through the first round, I am glad I won’t be assisting in his pointless and talentless posturing pay check.
ITV is draining the BBC of all its talentless talent – may it continue! is a changing

July 3, 2010

The Times and The Sunday Times websites have today begun charging for access to its information, and as a registered user I have been asked to cough up £5 per month.
The problem is, as a registered user, when I tried to log on on Wednesday I couldn’t. Nor when I tried on Friday.
Yes, I have emailed customer services.
No, I have not had a response.
When you pay nothing for something you expect not to always get what you want, when you want it and how you want it. When you pay, it’s a different matter.
If I can’t log on AND get no assistance then it’s simple.
Another news website will get my custom instead.

Cash and carry on

July 2, 2010

The FA has announced today that Fabio Capello is to be retained as England coach – even my friend’s eight-year-old son knows he should be sacked.
Unfortunately if they did sack this dismal excuse of a football specialist they would have to pay him so much money in severance that the FA just can’t afford to, so he stays.
This one single element shows how football is no longer a sport, but a cash machine for all of those involved!

A load of old bollocks

July 1, 2010

I hear today, with some enthusiasm, that philanthropist, art collector and fan of all one-mix cake batters art collector Charles Saatchi is ‘gifting to the nation’ more than 200 works and his Saatchi Gallery to the British public.
Now, over the years, the philanthropist multi-millionaire owner of the entrance charging Saatchi Gallery has done much to bring the mundane and ludicrous to the interest of the general public, including pickled sharks, unmade beds and an impaled wedge of tree trunk on railings found by an artist while catching a bus one day.
Now (yes, repeated from above. I know!), one of my ‘friends’, who is slightly odd, has been neutering his cats for some forty years and keeping their ‘appendages’, dried, for posterity, in an old shoebox.
Tomorrow, I think, I’ll contact the Saatchi Gallery to see if they would be interested in buying for, say, £5million pounds a ‘load of old bollocks’ to put on display next to their other artworks.
Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt (I am assured this is not rhyming slang!) said: “Charles Saatchi has built up a collection of huge international importance. His decision to gift these works to the nation is an act of incredible generosity and I’d like to thank him on behalf of the government.”
I am sure, with new free entry, the new addition of a ‘load of old bollocks’ to the Saatchi Gallery will make the public sit-up, devour and delight artworks to an even greater extent in the bequeathed gallery.

Footballers’ fancies

June 30, 2010

I am sorry to go on about football but some news, or rather ‘gossip’, has reached me today which may shed light, in a gossipy type of way, on why two players in the England team of FIFA 2010 did not play as well as had been expected.
It appears that one member of the team may have been captured, or trapped, in flagrante with a lady of the night again, and that the imminent story, which has been held back, ensured his mind was on the wrong type of game.
Another is that one of the team has been playing away from home, with a close in-law. It appears that some baking might have been going on as well, with a bun left in an oven.
Gossip is gossip and I am sure that the tittle-tattling gossip mongers are just creating hot air.
On the other hand, it might all be true!
I guess time will tell!