Tesco Finest Dress-Code

Tesco has banned shoppers from wearing nightware and entering their stores with bare feet – what I find just so bizarre is that anyone would choose to enter their stores wearing pyjamas or no footwear.
It is a sad state of society that this type of statement, or rule, needs to be expressed at all. As a society we have lost our way in poiliteness, the understanding of others, and how to behave in public, if not also at home.

Many years ago a mine-worker would wear a shirt, tie and suit to work and change when he got there, nowadays we rarely see a shirt, tie and suit anywhere outside of a bank or the City.

I hate Tesco, but I applaud them in their latest annoucement, even if it should be totally unnecessary.

[Blog originally written Thursday 28January and posted on Saturday 30 January]



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