Gordon Brown’s bully boy tactics?

A lead story in the newly re-vamped Observer newspaper reports that our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is a bully and has reacted angrily towards staff, possibly both verbally and physically.

All bad news for Gordon Brown and Labour – it is a story which will run and run.

Downing Street has said that the allegations are untrue, and Cabinet Ministers have rallied round.

Hariet Harman has come out and stated that it is “not true and that should be good enough for people” – I think with the invasion of Iraq, with the claim of a pact between Blair and Brown constantly denied (IF we can believe Gordon Brown then we now know this denial is untrue and in fact a pact was agreed) and with the expenses scandal and more that has hit the House of Commons and its members in the past year or so, how can Hariet Harman be so naive as to say the Great British public should just accept what MP’s and their offices say to be true?

Mr Mandelson has also put on his knight’s armour and come out in support of our PM saying “I don’t think he so much bullies people as he is very demanding of people” – clearly this is not a denial of the allegations. Mr Mandelson went on to say “He doesn’t like to take No as an answer” – surely, as PM and like all leaders, he should be happy to accept No as an answer, as long as it is for the right reasons. Otherwise, what is the point of him having advisors and Cabinet members?

Now a National Bullying Helpline has stated that it has had ‘three or four’ calls from staff at Downing Street who work directly with Gordon Brown. Though I accept that the spokeswoman may have thought that this statement was in the public’s interest, I do wonder if it is a breach of confidentiality on the part of the charity and might in fact deter people who are being bullied calling for help from them as their identity might not be kept confidential.

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2 Responses to “Gordon Brown’s bully boy tactics?”

  1. Smaktakula Says:

    Your comment on the breach of confidentiality is right on the money. A lot of people (myself included) have ignored this aspect of the story. Hopefully more people will pick up on this.

  2. From My Moans: Another Aspect Of Bullygate « Promethean Times Says:

    […] Read the whole thing here: Gordon Brown’s Bully Boy Tactics? […]

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